The Silent Call of the Surf

Two rare black & white aquatic shorts from the dawn of film, both with live piano accompaniment from local musical virtuoso, Heather Rose.

Romance of the Surf

Romance of the Surf

Venus Of The South Seas

Venus Of The South Seas

Romance of the Surf

Shot in Newcastle in 1929, Romance of the Surf is the story of a lifesaver’s thwarted attempt to romance a woman he rescues from the surf of Newcastle beach.

Courtesy of the National Film & Sound Archive

D Martin Keith L no dialogue | 1929 | Australia | 20mins | All Ages

Venus of the South Seas

This 1924 New Zealand film stars champion Australian diver Annette Kellerman as a pearl diver living on a secluded South Seas island paradise. A story of girls and pearls, love and adventures, mermaids and wonders of the South Seas.

Courtesy of the New Zealand Film Archive

New Zealand Film Archive

Screening time: 9:30am

D James Sullivan WS New Zealand Film Archive L no dialogue | 1924 | New Zealand, USA 43mins | All Ages

Heather Rose

Heather is a well-known musician, performer, composer, teacher and author with a passion for the history of the role that the piano has had in society over the past 100 years.

She is delighted to have been given the opportunity to compose and perform silent film music for both, Romance of the Surf (1929) and Venus of the South Seas (1929), at the inaugural Call of the Surf Film Festival.

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