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Our Groundworks Youth Centre is a safe and relaxing place for young people to come and hang out. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in creative activities, to learn new skills, and have fun! Groundworks also has loads of useful information for young people and can arrange referrals to other services that are needed.

The Groundworks Youth Centre is located in the Coffs Harbour Community Village at 22 Earl Street, Coffs Harbour. Phone | 02 5632 4020.


Groundworks has lots of ongoing and new activities and programs on offer to have fun and meet new people. Our programming is flexible and responds to young people’s needs. We also have dedicated workshops and training designed to help young people develop skills.

Check out what’s happening now on our Groundworks Youth Centre Facebook page and like us to stay up to date with upcoming activities and programs and to give us your feedback.

Call us on 02 5632 4020 to find out what’s on and when or just drop by anytime from 9am – 4pm weekdays and see what’s going on for yourself.


New groups and activities are always kicking off and we’re also keen to hear what you would like. Some of the things we currently offer include:

Rock group
Try playing guitar, drumming, other musical instruments or singing!

Life skills
Learn how to look after yourself and live independently including cooking skills, money management, how to have successful relationships and how to get a job!

Be Young and Proud (BYP)
BYP is a support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer youth. This is a safe space to meet and talk with others, find out what’s on and make friends.

Rent It Keep It
Learn how to look after yourself and live independently in rented accommodation

Games Night
Play great games with others and meet new people!

Plus Loads More!
Call Groundworks Youth Centre on 02 5632 4020 to find out what’s on and when or just drop by and see what’s going on for yourself.

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