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SWIFF Film Club is moving to Monday nights! Screenings will take place at the Jetty Theatre the first Monday of each month from 6.30pm, with bar open from 6pm.
SWIFF Film Club is about discussion and discovery; dedicated to provoking lovers of film and movie buffs alike. We screen films from the fringe, independent, cult and film festival circuit. A sister program to the annual Screenwave International Film Festival, SWIFF Film Club includes exclusive members’ only screenings throughout the year plus benefits to the annual Screenwave International Film Festival.


Monday March 5 | DETROIT

‘There’s a radical desire not to face the reality of race’ – Kathryn Bigelow
In “Detroit,” director Kathryn Bigelow concentrates and refracts the 1967 riots in that eponymous city through the lens of one of its most notorious yet largely forgotten incidents, when a group of white police officers tortured and murdered a group of teenagers at the Algiers Motel, then covered it up. Of a piece with Bigelow’s Oscar-winning 2008 Iraq drama “The Hurt Locker” and 2012’s “Zero Dark Thirty,” the tense, harrowingly intimate “Detroit” rounds out a trilogy of fact-based, fog-of-war interpretive histories. Even though it’s based on an episode that occurred half a century ago, it feels like her timeliest movie yet.
Date/Time: Monday March 5 at 6.30pm (bar open from 6pm)
Location: Jetty Memorial Theatre, Coffs Harbour
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Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Duration: 2hrs 23mins
Rating: MA15+
Country: USA