Welcome to [REC] Ya Shorts Youth Film Festival - finding the next wave of Regional Filmmakers!

[REC] Ya Shorts Youth Film Festival, now in its fourth year, is on the search for the next wave of young filmmakers from all around Regional Australia.

The festival is made up of 3 parts:

Film workshops - in schools and education centres throughout the Regional NSW, teaching young people 12 to 25 how to write, shoot, and edit short films. We also work share some important words from Headspace about the importance of positive mental health and how creativity and movie-making can contribute to a healthy headspace.

Film Competition- submit your short film into the comp to win thousands of dollars in prizes. More info coming soon!

Films screening and awards - have your film selected as a finalist and screen at the new Nextwave Youth Awards during the 2019 Screenwave International Film Festival (SWIFF) in January.

So… Get Ya Story, Get Ya Camera, and Get Creative!