Films have the power to bring together communities when viewed in a cinema, as they were meant to be screened. We believe that a cinema doesn’t necessarily need to have four walls! Screenwave Pop-up Cinema provides indoor and outdoor pop-up cinema services, working with Councils, business leaders, and the community to provide interesting cinema experiences all over the NSW North Coast.

By spreading Screen Culture throughout regional NSW, we aim to bring ideas from around the world to regional communities, particularly those communities without local cinema access.Screenwave also develops film festivals! Visit REC Ya Shorts Youth Film Festival and Call of the Surf Film Festival for information on how to bring these festivals to your town.

Join us as we celebrate community and cinema, from humble to heights, cult to cutting edge!


The Team

Kate Howat: Artistic Director
David Horsley: Sales and Marketing Director
Julie Toussaint: Marketing & Development Manager
Ben Toussaint: Digital Development Manager
Kate (Gert) Geyer: Logo Designer